Fahrenehit Ceramic Studio 



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How much does it cost?


In addition to the price of your piece, customers pay one studio fee per visit, per person. Your studio fee covers your supplies, glazing, and firing. Studio fees are $8 for adults and $6 for children 12 and under. See our daily specials page for more information. 


As for our pottery pieces...

We offer a large variety of pieces ranging from dinnerware, home decor, piggy banks, boxes, animal figurines, garden pieces, and so much more.


So what do these pieces range?

Mugs: $7.95-$15.95

Plates: $8.95- $25.95

Platters: $23.95- $59.95

Bowls: $10.95- $21.95

Serving Bowls: $31.95- $45.95


Kitchenware: $4.95- $59.95

Home Decor: $9.95- $38.95

Banks: $8.95- $24.95

Boxes: $12.95- $19.95

Animal Figurines: $9.95- $14.95

Bisquies: $2.95- $4.95